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Meet the Leadership Team

Aileen Moner
Title: Director of Programs
Hobbies: bike riding, Eagles football, music festivals, rooftop shenanigans
Debra Diana
Title: Director of Operations
Hobbies: meditation, traveling, wine tasting, and everything Italian
Pat Kim
Title: Associate Director
Hobbies: college sports, Columbus Blue Jackets, anything Ohio
Christopher Esposito
Title:  Assistant Director
Hobbies: basketball, movies, trying new foods, trying new ciders
Christie Logrono
Title:  Assistant Director
Hobbies: trying new foods, learning new dances, Netflix, browsing the internet, traveling, sitting on the 2 train
Joey Carducci
Title: Assistant Director, Operations
Hobbies: 16mm filmmaking, bike riding, fighting the power for the people

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