Black female Muslim adviser wearing glasses standing next to three other advisers who are seated.

Adviser Training

Summer Training

Prior to entering their schools, advisers attend a month-long, comprehensive summer training, where they are trained on all aspects of the college process. Some unique aspects of our summer training include:

  • Experts in the fields of college admissions and financial aid are invited to lead workshops for the advisers, through which, advisers acquire the technical training and hands-on experience to help students complete the steps necessary to apply, enroll, and matriculate to post-secondary education.

  • Seasoned advisers have the opportunity to lead training sessions and role-playing exercises to expand on all aspects of the college application, enrollment, and matriculation processes.

  • Advisers attend tours of colleges and universities across the nation to learn about their campuses and make connections so they can appropriately adviser and advocate for students.

  • Advisers are trained on the College Match Best Fit model and trained extensively on recording data through our Student Tracker system, GRACE.

  • Advisers learn about the students they will serve through disability, diversity, mental health first aid, and youth development trainings, leveraging the near-peer model to connect with their communities.

NYU CAC male adviser wearing glasses.
NYU CAC white male adviser sitting in a classroom.
NYU CAC white female adviser standing at a classroom podium.
Three NYU CAC advisers sitting in a classroom.
NYU CAC black adviser wearing a white dress shirt and neck tie as he sits in a classroom while smiling at the camera.
One black female wearing a blush pink button down blouse as she sits in a classroom looking down at her notebook.
One NYU CAC female adviser wearing a black cardigan and eye glassess looking away from the camera as she sits at table.